Bibus core values​​: focus on customer focus, commitment to customer satisfaction and success, for the present and future partners behind the market leader, success comes from behind the strength and confidence;

Bibus style: rapid response and action, work actively to potential opportunities for events and issues to be sensitive, to have executive power, and has result-oriented;

Bibus quality philosophy: excellent product and service is excellent people out; small non-trivial system can only solve the problem, the system is also inseparable from the human always involved, in which people play a more central role;

Bibus cooperation concept: Eco-win-win situation, the establishment of a trusted and responsible vendor Friends harmony and win-win interaction between customers, supply chain there are five parties which side problems are our problems should consider promoting change. Not standing on the sidelines, silent place of;

Bibus service philosophy: the customer is always right, long-term adherence with a professional attitude and normal state of mind to do extraordinary things, customer demand is the driving force of our development.

BIBUS METALS (Shenzhen) Ltd.


Office Address: 
Rm 1407, Block A,
Aerospace Building
No 4019 ShenNan Road
ShenZhen, China

Shenzhen Warehouse Address: 
District D, Ancert Logistics Center, 
Shenzhen Exported Manufactured Zone
Pingshan District, Shenzhen